Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swing it like there's no TOMORROW

 Inch of Mesa dress, Charles & Keith shoes

at first I don't really think that this dress suits me well.. I am to secure about my style (what I'm wearing). However, having and developing your own brand will make you think twice about your style. If you don't feel confident with your own product, then how others can actually buy and wear your products??

Thus, I'm boosted my confident and wearing it proudly. Break out my comfort zone. THIS IS MY PRODUCT AND I LOVE IT!

and one thing for sure, you will actually looks good on every outfit if you wear it with confidence. Like Inch of Mesa believes, YOU ARE ORIGINALLY BRANDED. No matter what brands you are wearing, whether it is international or local brands, as long as you wearing it with confident, it will look good on you :)

Have a nice day people :)

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