Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why could you be so Heartless?

Zara Outer, (x).S.M.L pants, Forever21 ring.

I found this quite funny and unexpected. I was named this look Heartless just because the ring that i wore has heart shape. I did upload it to my lookbook account and get many hypes in a minute. I was so happy since I never get many hypes just in a minute. Unfortunately, this look has been flagged by the moderator since (they said) it contains more than 3 looks. I was breaking the rules of lookbook. Honestly I didn't know that.. hehehe.. Sorry Admin.. I'll be careful next time.. But, why could you be so heartless? :P

PS: Special thanks to @caesarizkhaa and @paman_edo who direct and took this pic.. Love u guys!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swing it like there's no TOMORROW

 Inch of Mesa dress, Charles & Keith shoes

at first I don't really think that this dress suits me well.. I am to secure about my style (what I'm wearing). However, having and developing your own brand will make you think twice about your style. If you don't feel confident with your own product, then how others can actually buy and wear your products??

Thus, I'm boosted my confident and wearing it proudly. Break out my comfort zone. THIS IS MY PRODUCT AND I LOVE IT!

and one thing for sure, you will actually looks good on every outfit if you wear it with confidence. Like Inch of Mesa believes, YOU ARE ORIGINALLY BRANDED. No matter what brands you are wearing, whether it is international or local brands, as long as you wearing it with confident, it will look good on you :)

Have a nice day people :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 Oscar Lawalata and Justin Smith Show

What I wore to Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

Inch of Mesa Outer (release on Jan 2012), Charles and Keith Shoes, Gucci Bag

Here are some collections of Oscar Lawalata and Justin Smith collaboration which you can see at JFW 2012:

On the show, I could not take picture from my camera, therefore I was using my mobile device while capturing these photos. Pardon me for the quality..

Because the pictures that I was taken from my mobile device wasn't clear, here some of the pictures from  Oscar Lawata and Justin Smith on #JFW2012:




Here are the details of Justin Smith creations:





And if u missed the show, you can still have some review here:

I must say that the HEAD PIECES were AWESOMEEE!!!!! 

Last but not least, thank you for for the invitation. I would not be there without them. Once again, Thank you sooooooo muchhhh!!! :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

11.11.11 is OVER

Body&Soul top, Cotton Ink skirt, Lilou shawl, Rococo bracelet, Charles&Keith shoes

Okay, 11.11.11 is now over. Tanggal yang menurut kebanyakan orang bagus itu saya habiskan dengan teman-teman dan pasangan tercinta. We went to Potato head yesterday, we as Binusian 2011.. woot woot.. Walaupun kami baru beberapa bulan lulus dan baru akan diwisuda tanggal 19 Nov nanti, kami selalu kangen dengan masa-masa kami selama masih berada di kampus. 

Saat bertemu pun, kalimat pertama yang menjadi pembuka pembicaraan kami tidak lain adalah "lagi sibuk apa sekarang?" or "sekarang kerja dimana?". Walaupun terdengar seperti basa-basi, kami tetap bisa dekat seperti ini karena we always update with each others' life. Hehehe.. 

Satu hal yang saya yakini, teman/sahabat tidak selalu harus bertemu setiap saat. Dengan ada selang waktu bertemu akan ada hal yang layak untuk jadi bahan pembicaraan. Walaupun terkadang jika terlalu lama tidak bertemu, selang waktu tersebut bisa menjadi gap yang akan membuat suasana terasa awkward

Ada satu quote yang bisa menggambarkan apa yang saya rasakan terhadap teman-teman saya dan ini adalah quote favorit saya dari film 500 days of Summer:

"people change. feelings change. it doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real. it simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart."


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meeting Up

Cotton On Cardigan, Mymannequinplastic Necklace, Charles&Keith Shoes

Yesterday, I went to FX and accidentally bought 4 pair of shoes and a shawl.. Uh yeayyy.. There was a big sale for Charles&Keith and Pedro. I was sooo happy then I felt guilty (yeahh rite..)  Last time I went shopping like crazy was on July if I'm not mistake. So yeah, I think this time is my revenge :p


The last picture is Edo's new shoes. Love the color!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Time no SEE

Sash Top, Zara Jacket, Mango Legging, Michael Kors Bag

Inksomnia wooden ring at Nanonine Lamandau
Yesterday, I went to PIM to accompanied Mr. E. who had meeting with his partner, Rayi. Then, suddenly he asked me if I can stay longer since his fiancĂ©, Dila is on the way. Actually, I have a Chinese lesson at STC, but I prefer to stay there since I haven't met them for some time. 
We planned to watch Real Steel, however, Dila has something to do in the evening, therefore, only me, Edo, and Kamga had a chance to watch it. It was a GREAT movie for me, personally. I love the story, plot, characters, everything about the movie. The ending was good too, since it was more realistic than any other movie’s endings. I gave REAL STEEL four thumbs up. You should watch it too :)

Oh btw, I found this cool bag at PIM. Really loves this bag. Simply cool by @jervsha.

Monday, October 31, 2011


(x)SML white blouse, Zara skirt

I really don’t know what should I write on my blog lately. I think just posting my photos is not enough since I made this blog was to share something to you guys. I have been really busy lately preparing my fashion line Inch of Mesa for Spring/Summer 2012. What I can tell you is, I really put all my heart and energy in this brand more than ever, thus, I want to make sure that everything going at the right path. Well, just wait on January 2012, and I hope everything will go smoothly until the launching. 

Wish me Luck!